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Working hours: Monday to Friday 9:30-18:30

Company address: Shenzhen City, Luohu District Liantang street, Paul road Liantang Industrial Zone - area 103 A302

Shenzhen Cabell Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales and technical support for the development, production, sales and technical support in one of the high-tech enterprises. By 2015, in the original Jiale lock based, the establishment of Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Cabell, company scale, production capacity, research and development, quality and after-sales service, such as are to achieve leapfrog development, the current domestic professional electronic intelligent door lock manufacturers. The main products include hotels, hotels, Premium Apartment House, office, residential areas, schools and families and other aspects of the smart door lock products.

Company under the strong support of our customers, through its own continuous innovation and accumulation gradually development and production out including hotel smart door locks, smart sauna cabinet lock, home office with a password lock, fingerprint lock, hotel energy saving and environmental protection switch, hotel rooms intelligent safe, and hotel smart door lock circuit board, hotel smart door lock etc. a variety of products. Products have been covered in addition to the whole of Taiwan, China, and exported to the United States, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, India and Zambia, South Africa, Angola and other countries.

The company headquarters and production base is located in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, with unique logistics and technology advantages. The company has advanced mold, precision, stamping and other equipment and the modernization of the production line, and brings together a large number of technical, sales of elite talent. To do the best of China's smart door lock responsibility, continuous innovation and continuous development, adhere to the quality first, the user first principle, dedicated to the general user services.